A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing: Advice from Leading Experts (Kogan Page, 2011) Makes the Amazon UK Best Seller List!
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In the video clip above, Paul Sloane, Editor of the recently published book, A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing: Advice from Leading Experts — with a foreword by Henry Chesbrough — describes the book in this video clip on YouTube, and tells you why you or your organization would find value in it.

I’m honored to be a contributing author to this book, along with some of my innovation colleagues from #Innochat (a Twitter Innovation chat and web site). I co-wrote the chapter, “Building the Culture for Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing,” with Gwen Ishmael and Boris Pluskowski — more information about all of the co-authors and the contents of this book is available on Google Books. Here are some reviews of the book.

I was very happy to note that A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing: Advice from Leading Experts had made the Best Seller List in the category of “Change Management” in Business Books at Amazon.UK on January 30th, 2012. On that day, I noted that the book had placed in the top 20, but it can go up and down on a daily (or even hourly) basis, so you may find it at a different number, or even in a different business category, when this blog post is published—ah, such is the life cycle of a business book.

On behalf of all the other authors, and the editor, Paul Sloane, I am very grateful to all of you who have purchased or reviewed the book. You may also be interested in two other business books to which I had previously contributed, which are mentioned in previous posts on this blog. In the notable Age of Conversation trilogy, edited by Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton, I was one of the contributing authors to Age of Conversation 2: Why Don’t They Get It? (published in 2008); and Age of Conversation 3: It’s Time to Get Busy! (published in 2010). You can read excerpt from my chapters for Age of Conversation 2, entitled: “Creativity Comes from Conversation—What’s Innovation Got to Do with It?” here, and an excerpt of my chapter from Age of Conversation 3, entitled: “Shake Up and Stir” here. You’ll note that in both of these books, I wrote about social media and the conversational Web in terms of innovation and hiring people who are the best qualified to work in open, innovative, collaborative and conversational environments.

I may write more about creating a culture for open innovation and crowd sourcing on this blog soon, as I did in my chapter of A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing: Advice from Leading Experts (2011), along with my chapter co-authors, Gwen Ishmael and Boris Pluskowski. That is, in fact, the direction in which more of my consulting, coaching and training work is moving—helping organizations make difficult, but essential transitions, so that they can innovate, collaborate, and become more conversant using social media both within, and to reach beyond, their own walls and boundaries.

What would you like to know about Open Innovation and Crowd Sourcing? What would you like to read about here, related to those topics?

Your questions and comments are always welcome (below)! You may also want to check out the linked What’s Innovation Got to Do with It? blog, as I’ll be writing more about these timely topics there, too. Your collaboration as a reader or commenter is much appreciated!

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