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OK, I want to hear from someone out there about the virtual International Podcasting Expo this past few days, as I wasn’t able to participate. Instead, I attended a conference presented by the Arts Council of Mendocino County, about Arts and Tourism Promotion and Marketing in the beautiful, rural Northern California County of Mendocino, a topic I may write about soon. Meanwhile, if anyone out there wants to submit a blog entry for this blog, about the Podcasting Expo or another relevant PR and marketing topic, please email me for guidelines, and I’ll be glad to give you full credit and promotion for your entry.

I also want to call your attention to the innovative marketing and PR video clips on the VodPod widget that I’ve posted on the right-hand sidebar of this blog (if you haven’t already watched them). There’s a new, terrific one I just posted that’s also mentioned on my Creative Sage™ What’s Innovation Got to Do with It? blog.

Created by Stanford graduate student Gus Bitdinger, based on a fabulous, original song he wrote about innovation in organizations, “Back to Orbit,” it’s well worth watching below or on YouTube .

I predict you’re going to see a real viral video effect with this one, and probably some great job offers for Gus in the future, if not a recording contract and a tour! This brings me to my second request—if you’ve got a short video clip, audio clip or podcast that fits with the overall themes of either the PR and Marketing Mentor blog, or What’s Innovation Got to Do with It?, please feel free to email the clip or a link to me, or send it to my VodPod account, and I’ll consider posting it. A word of warning, though…I’m a busy person, so I’ll only get back to people who really send me something that is relevant in subject matter, not infringing on someone’s copyright, and is suitable for viewing by all age groups. Please indicate how YOU would want to be credited, with correct title and copyright information, and if the clip or podcast was used by another media source before (name the original source). We may have to get permission to use it, so please include the correct contact information, if that is the case.

We love it when someone’s college video project becomes a personal or business viral PR and marketing tool, whether it was intentionally created for that purpose or not. A personal commentary on innovation becomes a great story angle that could also be formatted into a social media press release, as well as a video blog clip. You just have to keep your eyes, ears and mind open to find the great, viral story angles. In that spirit, our team at Cathryn Hrudicka & Associates is always aiming to innovate in print, broadcast, trade, social media, network and other PR and marketing channels. We bring your message to the world and the world to you!

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  1. Posted April 25, 2007 at 3:07 pm | Permalink

    I’ll post on the Podcasting Expo.

    I was a speaker at the expo – this was actually my third time speaking at the event (this was my 2nd “International” – another Expo was domestic, and for Businesses). My presentations (I had *two* this last time) have been on WordPress.

    From a speaker’s point of view, I have found these “Expos” to be terrific. Penny and Rob (the two who handle them) are great people to work with. The people that attend are varied in the reasons why they podcast (I don’t podcast myself, but because of this last one, I may change my mind.) These Expos have been excellent for networking, and I’ve gained a TON of information on a subject that I knew very little about. Not to mention the other information I have gained – they speak on everything, from taking your health into consideration to organization – the technical aspect is not the only thing that’s covered.

    Every Expo I have attended, I’ve brought some people along with me. No one has ever expressed regret in going – in fact, everyone who has attended always thanks me for the information and the experience. They also love the fact that you don’t miss *anything*. If you go to one session, and another one is going on at the same time that you’d like to attend, you don’t have to worry about it. After the Expo is over, they send you a CD of *all* presentations – so you miss absolutely nothing.

    I personally believe that the podcasting Expos really need more marketing. So few people attend, but there’s so much information that it’s really sad people miss out on it. More people need to go. Even if I never get asked to speak again (and, judging from my last presentation, I wouldn’t be surprised! LOL), I still plan to attend every chance I can get. There’s just too much stuff going on there to miss it. They are truly excellent events to go to.

    And how often can you go to an event like this in your underwear? I mean, really. ;)

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