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As you may have noticed, we’re in the process of moving our two blogs, PR, Social Media and Marketing Mentor™ and What’s Innovation Got to Do with It? to our own company domains, respectively: and

Instead of a smooth, overnight corporate transition, I have purposely allowed this one to be a bit messy, for a reason. I wanted to have the freedom to experiment a bit with the two blogs and figure out how each one would work in the context of an entire site; and most of all, I wanted your input, as a reader.

With the help of a designer and programmer, we ultimately are planning to customize the two blogs on our domains and further develop the content on the side pages, as well as the main blog pages. We’re also planning to add some specific products and services that will be available through an attached shopping cart, and we’ll probably change the widgets and some other features. Through this whole process, which could take a few months, I would like your input. When you see or read something and have an opinion about it, I would appreciate your comments, providing they are relevant to the topic at hand and are respectful of other readers. Honesty with respect is all I ask.

The main content of the two blogs will continue to be informational, and they will not turn into mere marketing vehicles. If the blog content interests you in finding out more about the services or other products we offer, you are free to check out the side pages and contact us for more information (or not).

Since many of our readers are getting feeds of the two blogs from the sites, you will have to change your feed URLs, unfortunately—WordPress Support told me there’s no way around this, but we’re also going to leave the blogs up for a while, with links to the new blogs on our domains. You’ll be able to read the first few lines of each post on the old blogs, and follow a link to the new domain to read the entire post. If you want to change your feeds from either blog, we’ll have RSS links for you to do it on our own domains.

In the spirit of Open Innovation, I have concurred that we need and want input from our readers, clients and friends. If you have any other questions or private thoughts, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to bringing our loyal and growing community of readers along with us, as I think the new domains will eventually offer even more useful information and content. Thanks for your patience and feedback during this process.

Our other WordPress blog, What’s Innovation Got to Do with It?, has moved here.

You may have also noticed that the theme for the PR, Social Media and Marketing Mentor™ blog has been changed at the new site. We had a technical problem installing the “Rubric” theme, designed by Hadley Wickham, on our own domain, and we’re in the process of resolving it now. [Updated June, 2008:] Since we have customized both our company sites with a new design, we’ll no longer be using the same themes as before. We hope you enjoy our new look. I look forward to your feedback as the work continues.

~Cathryn Hrudicka, Chief Imagination Officer
Creative Sage™/Cathryn Hrudicka & Associates

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