Ready for Social Media Camp this Summer? Learn more about blogging and social media in seven cities across the U.S.—for FREE!

Yoono, a company that makes a desktop tool that helps people aggregate their social networks and connect with each other via a Firefox plug-in, is financially sponsoring Social Media Camp, along with the Social Media Club, which is a media sponsor.

Social Media Camp is coming to seven U.S. cities during the months of July and August, with the sole purpose to bring together the brightest minds in Social Media with people interested in learning more about the power of Community Based Marketing. Some of the top local names in Blogging, Podcasting, Live Streaming, and New Media will be sharing BarCamp Style, in interactive sessions with other Social Media Camp participants.

There will be at least two tracks at each event—a beginner track (i.e., Blogging 101), and an advanced track (i.e., What is Social Capital, and Why Should I Care?).

According to Kristie Wells, co-founder of Social Media Club with Chris Heuer, “The Social Media Camps are a great idea to get people to take a look at all the social media tools that are out there and discuss the relevant issues with each other.”

The Social Media Camp U.S. Tour includes the following locations:

Seattle, WA – July 12th (already held)
San Francisco, CA – July 15th , tomorrow, registration is still open
Los Angeles, CA – July 18th
Austin, TX – July 30th
Miami, FL – August 2nd
Boston, MA – August 5th
New York, NY – August 7th

If you’re interested in participating, please be sure and register, using the Sign Up Form, at for the location nearest you.

If you’re on Facebook, you can find more information here.

Proposed sessions for the San Francisco Social Media Camp tomorrow are here.

The dates and locations of Social Media Camp tie-in to a series of Mashable parties. While there is an entrance charge for the Mashable parties, there will be several free tickets given away at each of the Social Media Camp events.

Additionally, there will be TweetUps in the San Francisco Bay Area during the next two weeks. One will be held on July 16th, in San Francisco, which ties in with the BlogHer Conference. A Silicon Valley TweetUp is planned for July 28th, in Menlo Park. Keep checking the Social Media Club event page for updates.

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