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Happy New Year to all our new and loyal readers! I really appreciate that you stopped by for an eggnog and a chat in the first week of 2009. I’ve decided that one goal I have for this blog is to ask you more often what topics or questions YOU would like to see addressed in PR, Social Media and Marketing Mentor™—and to include more of your relevant stories here, as well as my own. To spice up the New Year, I’m looking for social media results stories and unique mini case studies for this blog. I want to hear about unusual, innovative uses of social media, social networking and online marketing or community-building, preferably in a sector or industry that has not been known for its rapid social media adoption—in other words, trailblazers and groundbreakers. I am sure my readers will also want to hear about your results, ROI, and any metrics or success measurement methods you’re willing to reveal.

The best thing to do is read 5-10 of my blog posts and email me a brief pitch in January, preferably no more than one to three paragraphs. I am particularly interested in stories or mini case studies from large corporations, nonprofit organizations and trade associations; secondarily, from small to medium size businesses and individuals. If you are an independent professional, consultant, author or artist and you have a particularly good story, you can run it by me. I want to hear something more unique and specific than just: “I got a new job through Twitter.” I will only consider stories that meet the criteria for this series, from people who have contacted me as requested—please read these guidelines carefully.

If you want to send or link to a short, embeddable video clip, podcast, SlideShare presentation or other illustration to make your brief story or mini case study more intriguing, please ask me (by email) before doing so, and include all credits, captions and copyright status. I’ll follow up with you for an interview, or possibly ask you for a guest post.

My best to all of you in 2009, and may you be blessed with prosperity, good health, peace, love, and a strong sense of your own purpose and value. From these, all other successes flow.

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  1. Posted August 30, 2009 at 7:44 am | Permalink

    Hi Cathyrn, how goes your collectino on SM stories? I’m presently writing a book for Person publishing on SM/SN monetization from a marketing perspective.

    I’m collaboraing with a number of well established media mavens to collect SM/SN success stories for my book. Let me know via my attached me if you are interested in collaborating.

    Here are a few I’ve collected so far and more will be coming as I collate them into this central point:

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thanks, Andrew Ballenthin

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