Unplugging from the Internet...going analog sometimes.

OK, I haven’t posted here for a while, due to being SO busy, I’ve barely had time to eat, sleep or recuperate from one of those annoying seasonal colds that seems to drag on while you’re doing everything else. So, even though social media is central to my work (the professional excuse), I took a weekend break from all social media and social networks in the interest of revitalizing my brain, body and creativity, and living IRL (in Real Life).

If you’ve been online too much lately, and you feel like your laptop or mobile device is a permanent part of your hand, I highly recommend unplugging. You may feel a bit empty and disconnected at first—but trust me, within a few hours and after a few episodes of glancing by habit toward a device that’s no longer in constant use (if you can curb that eye twitch for at least for 24-48 hrs.), you’ll start to rediscover what it means to relax and reconnect with the inner you. It’s like hitting a big, red reset button on your life!

When I re-emerged online on Monday morning, I needed a good laugh—and here it is, from Slatester Video, on YouTube: “Flutter, the new Twitter.” It sort of says it all about our collective attention span today:

I promise, more posts are coming up, and they will be more than 26 characters.

Questions for you, patient readers:

Does your participation on microsites, such as Twitter, keep you from writing your own blog posts?

Are microsites and feeds on Facebook and FriendFeed, for example, taking the place of blogging for more people?  I’d love to read your comments and chat with you about this issue.


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  1. Posted April 10, 2009 at 5:52 pm | Permalink

    First time reader, first time commenter.

    I would say that my involvement in sites like Twitter CAN inhibit you from posting blogs because realistically the majority of people ho read your blog are usually going to be people that also follow you on Twitter, that said, it can only inhibit you if you let it. My point being that Twitter can be a great launching pad for articles for your blog.

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